How to Make link building – Link Building

The construction of links is one of the basic tools of SEO, getting other pages to consider our content interesting enough to link it, or at least share it, makes search engines like Google consider our website when ordering searches.

If you do not know how to do link building effectively, here are the most common techniques to achieve it.

  • One technique that began to be used with much assiduity was to register in directories. The directories can be general or specific information sites, address files in which you can find information and addresses by topics. The directory introduces the most relevant links, however since 2013 Google does not take into account the links that come from directories, so this technique is useless for the seo in this search engine.
  • Article directories: Instead of links, these directories store articles, these contain links to pages. When arriving from articles, that is content, this technique does benefit SEO, although it is not very common.
  • Link Baiting: It is undoubtedly one of the techniques of link construction most taken into account and valued by search engines. The point is to gain references spontaneously, so you can only generate link building if the content is really interesting for users. The link baiting feeds on viral content that really has an impact on the internet.
  • The exchange of links was one of the first SEO techniques that were used and over time has not lost prominence. It is as easy and effective as agreeing on a series of links between two or several sites with similar themes, in this way a user can navigate through different sites while the websites have prepared the links. The point is to gain notoriety through collaboration.
  • The purchase of links is similar to the previous one, however, there is an economic compensation in between. Among the techniques related to how to make link building the purchase of links are penalized by Google, so it is true that it helps the SEO, but can be harmful if the search engine perceives that the links have been purchased.
  • The forums and social networks have become the great speakers of the content on the Internet. Getting links in this type of social platforms is not difficult, it is enough to generate enough good content to be shared.
  • These are the most common techniques about how to do link building, a series of recommendations that can help you improve your SEO, however, the construction of links is more effective if it is developed through an agency that foresees a strategy according to your SEO