Positioning Social Networks

What is the positioning social networking can do for your website?

Web 2.0  users and customers the real stars. Participants in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest Tuenti or share their experience and opinions and ask for advice on brands, companies, products, and services. They discuss what they like and what not and publicly express their satisfaction for a job well done or dissatisfaction if they have been dissatisfied.

You stay out of this conversation is no longer an option: your customers will review your products or services like it or not. Companies that learn how to maintain an active listening of what is said about them on social networks, seize the criticism to improve their processes or customer support and participate in the conversation by adding value, will have a great advantage to win more customers, more loyal and more profitable. This work focuses our positioning services on social networks.

Advantages of positioning social networks

Obtaining valuable insights

It collects information on the perception of your business knowing firsthand what your customers say about your brand and uses this data to increase your sales.

Humanizes your company

By personalizing your presence in a “voice” that targets specific customers rather than market segments.

Quality traffic

Users coming to your site from social networks, know what you are looking for and whether they got there, is much more likely to become your customers.

Generates recognition

As soon as possible to participate in the social web adopting the Web 2.0 model and discovering your threats and opportunities will help you stay ahead of your competitors.