Search Engine Optimization SEO – Two Facts

When we talk about SEO we refer to the task of optimization that must be done on a website to make it user-friendly for search engines (The word SEO is the acronym of “Search Engine Optimization”). The most important search engine is Google. They follow Bing from Microsoft, Yahoo, Ask, and many others.

A search engine goes through the network automatically looking for websites that can be included in its database. The websites are classified, rated and positioned with the aim of responding – in the most relevant way – to the searches carried out by users. The value that a search engine gives to a website will determine its position in the results before a certain search. Appearing on the first page of Google is very sought after because it improves the visibility of our website and therefore the possibility of meeting with our future customers.

1. Internal Website Optimization (On-Site SEO)

It is not only necessary that our website meets the minimum conditions to be indexed (incorporated) by Google and the other search engines. We have to optimize our website so that the search engines position it better.

The internal optimization of a website includes:

A configuration of titles, descriptions and up to 10 specific keywords in the HTML code of your pages. This is not visible to visitors to our site, only the search engines read it.

To have a sitemap. It is very important that when Google or Bing visit our site they see their task facilitated by finding this file. It is usually an XML file, easy to read by robots.

Improve the density of keywords within the content of our pages. We do not have to abuse this resource but we have to be sure that if our article talks about “Search Engine Optimization” words such as SEO, optimization, optimization, search engine, search engine, etc. should appear several times.

Accelerate our pages so they are not slow. Reduce the size of images, eliminate unnecessary scripts, etc. There are sites like that provide our website and give us a free article of great help.

2. Off-Site Optimization (Off-Site SEO)

Basically, the best way to get our website indexed and ranked in the search engine is for other sites to link us (backlinks). Obtaining reciprocal links is not as difficult as you think. all you have to do is be persistent and disciplined.

Other things we can do are:

Write articles of our theme and publish them on other sites. You can find here a list of places to do it: Publish-articles-to-promote-a-web-site

  • Leave comments on blogs that allow you to place a link to our site.
  • Pay to appear as a text ad on sites with high Pagerank.

Place our website in all directories and free local and regional listings